North Island Brain Bee 2013

1500+ students registered for Round 1 of the competition. 200+ students from the 44 schools that participated in Round 2 of the North Island Brain Bee Challenge at The University of Auckland on 3 July 2013.

Individuals who made it into the Final

  • Samuel Dobson, Palmerston Boys’ High School
  • Stephen Lun, King's College
  • Elizabeth Huang, St Cuthbert’s College
  • Ewan Tan, King's College
  • Stephanie Soon, Westlake Girls High School
  •  Thomas Chang, Auckland Grammar School
  • Tiger Huang, Auckland International College

Winners of the Grand Final

  • 1st place Thomas Chang, Auckland Grammar School
  • 2nd Place Tiger Huang, Auckland International College
  • 3rd place Stephanie Soon, Westlake Girls High School
Brain Bee-ind1
Brain Bee-ind2
Brain Bee-ind3

Team competition

1st Epsom Girls Grammar School

  • Delan Li
  • Violet Chae
  • Emily Yi
  • Grace Kaemper

2nd Westlake Girls High School

  • Jillin Yan
  • Catherine Fu
  • Stephanie Soon
  • Grace Lee

3rd St Cuthbert’s College

  • Elizabeth Huang
  • Laura Jarret
  • Alexandra McClintock
  • Hannah Ko

4th Rangitoto College

  • Marrick Lip
  • Isabella Kim
  • Jade Nato
  • Minho Lee

Composite Team

Selwyn College

  • Dylan Van Lier
  • Kobanaa Poopalasingham
  • Stephen Bayley

St Peter’s School Cambridge

  • Natsuko Fujiwara
Brain Bee-team1
Brain Bee-team2
Brain Bee-team3
Brain Bee-team4